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    Hessian cider and fruit meadow route

    The Hessian apple cider and fruit meadow route consist of stations and activities related to the apple, apple wine and traditional orchards. Partners of the regional loops are wine press houses, museums, restaurants and municipalities who have combined their commitment to create a  unique route in Germany.

    The concept

    Marked  cycle and hiking routes will take you to regional sights, orchards and hospitable member companies. Let the partner farms of the Hessian cider and orchard route spoil you with typical delicacies and enjoy the characteristic and tangy Hessian cider. The apple is the center of attention, whether you are drinking, eating, taking part in activities such as flower walks, wine press days, tree pruning courses or you are simply on a Sunday excursion.

    Five regional loops

    Along the five regional loops, partners are connected and offer a colourful and informative programme throughout the year. Information on the individual routes, tips as well as cycling and hiking maps can be found at the respective regional loops (see German website).