Municipal energy profiles

Energy profiles

Energy and CO2 data for the Regional Authority, districts and municipalities

Until now, no uniform and comparable data on energy consumption, energy production, emissions and potentials existed for the municipalities as well as districts of the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain. As part of the preparation for the regional energy concept FrankfurtRheinMain, the energetic situation of the municipalities and districts within the area of the Regional Authority was studied, relevant data compiled and finally publicized in the energy profiles. The energy profiles depict energy consumption (heat, electricity, and mobility), local energy production (heat and electricity from fossil and renewable energy sources) and the generated CO2 emissions based upon a uniform methodology. While the consumption data was derived statistically ("top-down" approach), the production data is based on individual facilities recorded by the Regional Authority ("bottom-up" approach).

This system now allows to make comparable statements about energy consumption and energy production from renewable and non-renewable sources. Since the first publication of the energy profiles, the data has been updated and the underlying methodology refined. For instance, annual data for inhabitants, residential areas, open areas, and buildings were added. Also, if provided, we integrated data from the municipalities and districts into the calculations. However, data quality continues to vary since individual municipalities and districts have already calculated their own energy and carbon footprints as part of their climate protection activities. Different calculation methods can lead to deviations from the results in the energy profiles.

You can find a spatial representation of data collected for the energy profiles in the climate-energy atlas. It compiles data on energy consumption, energy production as well as carbon footprints on the municipal level. It also displays the individual facility locations from the energy facility registry with corresponding power and production data.

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